Samuel Hunt

  1. Financial Times Video x Rabobank (video)
  2. Financial Times Video x Iberdrola (video)
  3. Seedrs x Republic: Climate Tech (video)
  4. Financial Times x Amazon X Peak AI
  5. Financial Times x Amazon x We Are One
  6. AIRA Heat Pump
  7. DCC Services
  8. Amazon x SMEs x op-ed
  9. Arçelik 
  10. Kimberley Clark Professional
  11. Snapchat 2022
  12. Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels
  13. Accenture x Wonderful Wild Women
  14. Accenture x Lockdown Collective
  15. Accenture x Opening Doors
  16. (video)
  17. Snapchat 2019
  18. Pigzbe Pocket Money Guide
  19. Blancpain x The Economist (video)

I am a senior creative copywriter who likes a well-spun turn of phrase and a tight deadline. (I worked for The Economist.) 

I can help your business tell its story in an original, authentic, and market-focused way, whether through brand copy, long-form copy, content strategy, or video scripts.

You can read more about the services I offer here.

I've written about most sectors, but I have particular expertise in arts & culture, sustainability, tech and finance. 

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Creative Copywriting & Brand Strategy

I write headlines, taglines, boilerplates and ad-copy that deliver lasting impact with the fewest words. I spent years honing this skill as a documentary filmmaker and features writer. For the UK launch of AIRA heat pumps, I created taglines such as "Heat your home not the planet". Last year, I was the lead copywriter on the rebrand of energy and services company DCC; my taglines and value propositions are now across their site. 

Editorial & Thought Leadership

I write articles and blog posts for a number of commercial organisations (for B2B and B2C audiences). I’m a trusted writer of partner content for The Financial Times, which includes pieces for Amazon Web Services on AI and sustainable supply chains and a series of articles on sustainability for Kimberley Clark Professional. I also write op-eds for CEOs of multinationals and tech companies like Amazon. My background as a journalist for the likes of The Economist and The Financial Times means that I bring journalistic accuracy and  style to all my pieces. 

Reports, White Papers & Books 

I'm comfortable conducting and interpreting research for lengthy insight and trend reports. I've written Snapchat's friendship report and an Accenture report on community in Britain. I've also written the annual report and sustainability report for FTSE100 company DCC and a book for pocket money startup Pigzbe. I also write long-form weekend features for The Financial Times Magazine.

Video Content

I script and direct video content for clients such as Tesco, The FT, Rabo Bank and Seedrs investment platform. Examples include a Financial Times video series sponsored by Rabo Bank with films on agriculture, the arctic and desalination. I created a series of content marketing films for the investment platform Seedrs on investing in AI and climate tech. For I made scripted and directed a number of videos on investing. I’ve made over forty films as a documentary filmmaker for The Economist, The BBC and VICE. 

Video Strategy & Content Marketing 

I helped set up The Economist’s video team and grow its YouTube subscribers from under 100,000 to over 3 million. As a senior producer at VICE, my knowledge of the YouTube platform meant the films made by my team regularly reached over 5 million views each. I have an in-depth knowledge of video platforms and know what it takes to create compelling content and long-term video strategies.