Samuel Hunt

  1. Financial Times Video x Rabobank (video)
  2. Financial Times Video x Iberdrola (video)
  3. Seedrs x Republic: Climate Tech (video)
  4. Financial Times x Amazon X Peak AI
  5. Financial Times x Amazon x We Are One
  6. AIRA Heat Pump
  7. DCC Services
  8. Amazon x SMEs x op-ed
  9. Arçelik 
  10. Kimberley Clark Professional
  11. Snapchat 2022
  12. Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels
  13. Accenture x Wonderful Wild Women
  14. Accenture x Lockdown Collective
  15. Accenture x Opening Doors
  16. (video)
  17. Snapchat 2019
  18. Pigzbe Pocket Money Guide
  19. Blancpain x The Economist (video)

I am a senior creative copywriter who likes a well-spun turn of phrase and a tight deadline. (I worked for The Economist.) 

I can help your business tell its story in an original, authentic, and market-focused way, whether through brand copy, long-form copy, content strategy, or video scripts.

You can read more about the services I offer here.

I've written about most sectors, but I have particular expertise in arts & culture, sustainability, tech and finance. 

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Blancpain x The Economist

For The Economist, I researched, wrote and directed a series of films on ocean conservation that were sponsored by the luxury watch brand Blancpain. My film on the deep ocean is the second most watched film on The Economist’s Youtube channel.