Samuel Hunt

  1. Financial Times Video x Rabobank (video)
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  4. Financial Times x Amazon X Peak AI
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  9. Arçelik 
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  15. Accenture x Opening Doors
  16. (video)
  17. Snapchat 2019
  18. Pigzbe Pocket Money Guide
  19. Blancpain x The Economist (video)

I am a senior creative copywriter who likes a well-spun turn of phrase and a tight deadline. (I worked for The Economist.) 

I can help your business tell its story in an original, authentic, and market-focused way, whether through brand copy, long-form copy, content strategy, or video scripts.

You can read more about the services I offer here.

I've written about most sectors, but I have particular expertise in arts & culture, sustainability, tech and finance. 

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